My History with Horses

It all started back when I was in Fifth grade.  I was friends with Carla Lorch.  She had a horse named Dusty at Mr. Obanion’s farm  which was located in Temple Hills Maryland.  I wanted to ride with her but never really rode a horse before.  I approached my parents,  My father was not in favor of it and my mom was. So we went to Mr. Obanion’s farm, in 1972.  The horse in question was named Sonny,  he had a flowing double mane. a Shetland pony.  Anyway, my Dad was set dead against it.  But they put me on the horse, I have neverridden before.  I was shown how to neck rein  Western style.   They put a Western saddle on him.  I got on, and rode around Mr. Obanion’s house several times.  After that,  my parents bought the pony.

Sonny and I rode the trails of Mr. Obanion’s with Carla at times and also alone.  Mostly alone. Around 15, I found him in the field dead.  This was traumatic.  I mourned Sonny for about a year.

Then at 16, my mom and I went to Piscataway Stables in Maryland.  When I saw Fella, it was love at first sight.  He was a small horse, with a coat the color of a copper penny.   His breed  was part Morgan and quarter horse.  I found out that he had been a horse. that was rented by the hour.  It took four people to put the bridle on.  But I saw the potential in Fella.  Slowly he began to trust me and I was authoritative without being abusive.  He became a great pleasure house.on the trails.  I also put him in a Western Pleasure Show and won 4th place.  Fella and I spent many years together until 1992, he was killed in a lightning storm.  I was again devastated.

I mourned again and after about 6 months.  Joe bought Lucy, the owner of the horse farm. I named her Lucy after Lucille Ball, who had a reddish coat, and red mane.  She was a small horse.  But very patient.  The total opposite of Fella, who would  fight any horse he could and was very strong-willed.

I rode Lucy for about a year and I got a phone call.  Lucy had a baby in a sleet storm.  My parents and I were surprised.  Having owned male horses beforehand.  He was found by a stable hand in the boarder’s field while looking for another horse.  We did not know if he would survive. with the help of Chip and two other boarders,  he nursed from his mother.  We also brought in the veterinarian.

Stormy grew up to have an exuberant personality, in other words, he was full of life.  I fed him twice a day for 3 years.  Until I decided to train him myself, to be ridden, which is another blog.  Stormy is now 27.  He is well cared for and living at Piscataway Stables in Clinton, Maryland.

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